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The Incorruptible


Max HP3472
Magic Defense80|11.7%
Attack Damage163
Ability Power0
Max Mana490
Movement Speed360
Magic Pierce0%
Attack Speed0%
Critical Chance0%
Critical Damage200%
Life Steal0%
Magic Life Steal0%
Cooldown Speed0%
Attack RangeLong Range
HP Per 5 Seconds54
Mana Per 5 Seconds17
Mana Per 5 Seconds17
Magic Life Steal0%



Jinnar unleashes an energy wave, dealing 450 (+60% of AP) magic damage to nearby enemies and reducing their movement speed by 50% for 2 seconds.


Jinnar creates an energy zone, dealing 170 (+20% of AP) magic damage to nearby enemies every 0.5 seconds for 5 seconds. While the zone is active, Jinnar's damage reduction is increased by 15% for 5 seconds ,with every enemy hero near him granting another 5%. Jinnar's movement speed is also increased by 80% and diminishes over 2.5 seconds.

Force Orbs

Jinnar fires energy orbs, dealing 300 (+50% of AP) magic damage up to 2 nearby enemies. The orbs will bounce off enemies and hit further targets up to 2 times. If a target is hit multiple times, all hits after the first one deal 30% damage only.


After 4 attacks (normal or ability, the next normal attack deals 300 (+100% of AP) magic damage with piercing effect.

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Unlike other Mages, Jinnar does not have to hide behind tanks and battles. Instead, he is able to charge into the enemy team and utilize his super long-range to nuke the opposing carries down.

Since all his skills deal AoE damage, Jinnar shines the most in team fights. Outnumbering a Jinnar is never a good idea.


Passive -  Samsara

After Jinar has used the spirit orb four times, the next normal attack will fire a spirit orb with a penetrating effect that causes magical damage. Note that even if there is no target, Jinnar can still trigger the penetrating effect with normal attacks.

Ability 1 - Battering Beads

Jinnar uses spirit orbs to attack up to two nearby enemies. With each hit, the spirit orb bounces to nearby enemies up to 2 times.

If an enemy is already hit once, subsequent hits only deal 30% damage. The spirit orbs will not bounce on a single target, so try to cast the skill when enemies are stacking together.

Ability 2 - Sutra of Pain

Jinnar creates a spirit orb formation and deals magical damage to nearby enemies while slowing their movement speed for 2 seconds. Sutra of Pain helps Jinnar retain the enemies in his attack range while he casts the ultimate.

Ultimate - Nirvana

Jinnar invokes the power of his spirit orbs to attack nearby enemies 10 times over 5 seconds dealing magical damage. Upon casting Nirvana, Jinnar immediately receives 15% of damage reduction plus 5% for each nearby enemy hero for 5 seconds.

In addition, Jinnar gains a 70% movement speed bonus for 1.5 seconds. Each wave of magical damage can add to a stack of Jinnars passive, Therefore, Jinnar should keep normal tracking while casting Nirvana in order to trigger Samsara.

As a Mage with high burst damage, Jinnar should avoid battles when Nirvana is on the cooldown. In the early game, Jinnar should farm in the midlane which helps him to rush to level 4 and learn his ultimate.

Jinnar can then roam and help out the side lanes after he hits level 4. In the mid and late game, after obtaining his core items, Nirvana would have a rather short cooldown which allows Jinnar to engage in battles frequently.

Since Jinnar's skills consume large amounts of mana he can obtain a sage Golem before joining a battle. In team fights, try using Nirvana with Flicker charging into the enemy team to deal massive damage.

Of course, Jinnar can also be played as a mage Assassin and nuke the opposing carries down by charging from the back. Note that Nirvana provides exceptional damage reduction, therefore, Jinnar should cast Nirvana before fighting the enemies.


The Blood Orb, a fragile and powerful family heirloom that protected Jinnar's family also put them in harm's way. Jinnar's ancestors solely relied on the Orbs power to defend themselves and to defeat the demons of Hell.

It was an infinite battle that never ceased. The more the Orb was exposed to dark forces in battle, the more it became tainted with evil. In order to seal the Orb, Jinnar's ancestors sacrificed their souls to protect future generations.

The war against the dark forces inevitably continued and the seal loosened throughout the battles, making it vulnerable to be tainted by evil again. Jinnar took it upon himself to travel to the Temple of Light, a sanctuary in which the Orb would be safe.

En route to the temple, the traces of evil within the Orb emitted dark energies to Hell, drawing the attention of Maloch, the thunder demon. Instantaneously, Jinnar was captured by his minions. In that critical moment, outnumbered and badly injured, Jinnar was convinced he was deprived of hope, and that, resistance was futile… Until something awakened within the Orb.

The remaining soul energy from his ancestors was awakened, leading Jinnar to victory. Jinnar attained all of his knowledge regarding the Orb shortly thereafter, for he had heard the ancient stories of its capabilities but had never seen them firsthand. The Orb was finally delivered to the temple.

Using his spiritual powers, control, and knowledge over the Blood Orb, he gained unanimous approval from the temple to protect it. A newfound desire to grow stronger in order to better protect the Orb and future generations sparked. Lauriel aided him in practicing advanced Zen techniques, which he painfully withstood without uttering a word. Jinnar knew that the purifying power of the light obtained from the advanced Zen techniques could completely cleanse the Blood Orb of its dark energy.

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