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The Ghostwalker


Gold Cost
Voucher Cost
Max HP3291
Magic Defense80|11.7%
Attack Damage175
Ability Power0
Max Mana0
Movement Speed350
Magic Pierce0%
Attack Speed0%
Critical Chance0%
Critical Damage200%
Life Steal0%
Magic Life Steal0%
Cooldown Speed0%
Attack RangeLong Range
HP Per 5 Seconds56
Mana Per 5 Seconds0
Mana Per 5 Seconds0
Mana Per 5 Seconds200
Max Energy200
Magic Life Steal0%
Constitution Rating3
Attack Damage Rating6
Ability Damage Rating6
Difficulty Rating5
Energy Per 5 Seconds50


Shadow Step

Hayate teleports to the target location instantly. Passive: When there are enemy heroes within 500 units from Hayate, his damage dealt is increased by 10% and movement speed is increased.

Blood of the Dragon

Hayate's normal attacks also deal 35% of AD) physical damage to a nearby enemy (50% for monsters, increases with Hayate's level). After Hayate deals damage 6 times in a row to the same target with normal attacks and abilities, he restores 40 energy immediately and his attacks to that target in the next 4 seconds deal 72 (+20% of AD) true damage. The trueu damage component is also capable of striking critically.

Kunai Blitz

Hayate immediately teleports to the target location and tosses kunai in waves to attack nearby enemies, dealing 115 (+27% of AD) physical damage each wave and triggering special bonus effects from normal attacks. Hayate tosses 10, 13 and 16 waves at 0%, 75% and 150% attack speed bonuses respectively.

Shuriken Toss

Hayate tosses a shuriken in the target direction and gains 10% movement speed while throwing. Each shuriken deals 125 (+25% of AD) physical damage and triggers special bonus effects from normal attacks and/or equipment. The shurikens will pass through non-hero enemy units, but deals 30% less damage each up (up to 40%). Each enemy hit restores Hayate's energy by 10 (once per shuriken). Hayate throws, 5, 7 and 9 shurikens at 0%, 75% and 150% attack speed bonuses respectively.

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