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Arduin Stats

Gold Cost
Voucher Cost
Max HP3657
Armor Pierce0%
Magic Defense80|11.7%
Attack Damage159
Ability Power0
Max Mana430
Movement Speed380
Magic Pierce0%
Attack Speed0%
Critical Chance0%
Critical Damage200%
Life Steal0%
Magic Life Steal0%
Cooldown Speed0%
Attack RangeMelee
HP Per 5 Seconds61
Mana Per 5 Seconds15
Magic Life Steal0%
Constitution Rating4
Attack Damage Rating6
Ability Damage Rating5
Difficulty Rating4
Attack Damage159
Critical Chance0%
Life Steal0%
Cooldown Speed0%
Cooldown Speed0%

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Arduin Abilities


When Arduin's HP falls below 50% and takes further damage, he recovers 4% of his maximum HP when his abilities or normal attacks deal damage within 8 seconds. This effect has a 45 second cooldown..


Arduin sflings his axe forward, dealing 300 (+120% of AD) physical damage and stunning the first enemy hit for 1.5 seconds. He then hurls towards the axe's spot, dealing 300 (+120% of AD) physical damage to surrounding enemies. Once Cull is activated, control effects will not stop Arduin from completing the ability.

Undying Protector

Arduin summons a shield that has 12% of his own maximum HP, which lasts 5 seconds. When the shield is summoned, Arduin deals 200 (+75% of AD) magic damage to surrounding enemies. Within 8 seconds of summoning his shield, Arduin's next 3 normal attacks deal an additional 100 true damage, and each time his normal attacks damage an enemy, the cooldown time for Cull is reduced by 1 second.


Arduin swings his axe, sending out an energy wave taht deals 250 (+100% of AD) physical damage and slows enemy movement speed by 40% for 2 seconds. If Arduin hits an enemy hero, he can also smash his axe into the ground to deal 250 (+100% of AD) physical damage and knock enemies into the air for 1 second.

Arduin Guide

Arduin is a vanguard benefitted from his powerful control abilities and sustained damage. He can easily suppress the enemy in the same lane. It will be devastating to get hit by Arduin's giant axe. Try your best to avoid it unless you want to know the taste of desperation.


Passive - Bloodlust

If Arduin's HP falls below 50%, Arduin will enter bloodlust mode for 8 seconds while in bloodlust mode. Arduin restores 2% of his maximum HP when disabilities or normal attacks damage enemies.

Bloodlust has a 60-second cooldown and Arduin will enter bloodlust mode again immediately after the cooldown if his HP is below 50%. At that time when Arduin is running low do not always try to escape. Leverage his ability and normal attack to disrupt enemy this will help our twin to heal and maximize the effect of bloodlust.

Ability 1 - Rend


Arduin swings his ax sending out an energy arch that deals physical damage and slows enemy movement speed for 2 seconds. If Arduin hits an enemy hero he can also smash his axe into the ground to deal physical damage and knock enemies into the air for 1 second.

The second phase of rend is contingent on the successful hit of an enemy hero. If you use rend to first hit a minion or a monster there will be no more fair game.

Ability 2 - Undying Protector


Arduin summons a shield that has 12 percent of his own maximum HP which lasts for 5 seconds. When the shield is summoned Arduin deals magic damage to surrounding enemies within 8 seconds of summoning his shield.

Arduin's next three normal attacks steal an additional true damage and each time his normal attacks damage an enemy. The cooldown time for Cull is reduced by one second.

Arduin needs items to boost up his health to maximize the shield. Since the second ability can reduce the cooldown of Arduin's ultimate it will be a good idea to use it to clean minions and monsters. With such pace, you can the ultimate ready in no time.

Ultimate - Cull

Arduin flings his ax forward dealing physical damage and stunning the first enemy hit for 1.5 seconds he then hurls towards the ax's spot dealing physical damage to surrounding enemies.

Once cull is activated control effects will not stop Arduin from completing the ability. It's actually a hidden dash ability well a lot of people only use cull to attack. But indeed you can use it to speed up Arduin's escape when he is running low. To achieve that simply release cull on minions, monsters or even walls.

When playing Arduin here are some of the tips to remember.


Arduin can use the combo to immobilize enemy hero first unleash the ultimateCharge forward towards the enemy and stun him then immediately release the first ability to slow the enemy and trigger the second attack to knock the target into the air.

At the end use the second ability and normal attack to continuously deal damage to the enemy hero. The combo sequence should be ultimate + first ability + first ability + second ability + normal attack.

It is recommended to first level up the second ability. Although the first ability can provide great control effect it lacks damage potential and has an extremely long cooldown.

The second ability gives Arduin a shield and provides extra real damage. You will definitely gain more benefits out of it.

Arduin's ultimate is also a dash ability thus flicker is not necessary in this case. During the battle, Arduin should save the ultimate and smash it on enemy squishy heroes. Execute is recommended to take his talent with exceptional control and damage. Arduin can easily finish enemies carry by himself.


Arduin was the leader of mankind trained by the Veda.

Brave and Perseverant, Arduin was the epitome of a great leader in the public's eye. His speech was so affectionate and evoking, it attracted young and passionate rebel warriors to join his legion, fighting for a higher goal.

Instructed by the Veda, Arduin once regarded Thane as his rival. He decided to fight Thane for honor, but won Thane's admiration with his fearless combat style and confident tactics. After years of collaboration, Arudin finally accepted Thane as an ally and their friendship grew.

The duo was fundamental to the rebel's victory. The Fallen were forced to withdraw their defense lines and retreat the Inferi. In the last battle, Arduin and Thane quarreled for the first time in a long time. Arduin wanted to keep on battling, in hopes of obliterating the dark forces and bringing back the long-awaited peace, while Thane thought such an action would only devastate what they had achieved so far.

Failing to persuade him, Arudin abandoned Thane and, together with his warriors supporting Vedan squads, marched into Inferi to hunt down the remaining Fallen and demons. Yet, Arduin's legion was misled to the Icy Terrain by the cunning Veera. She ignited the frost fire, hoping to annihilate the entire legion. Feeling a deep regret for his own decision, Arduin strode through the frost fire and created a storm by swinging his ax, attempting to create a safe passage for his warriors.

Thanks to Arudin's resourcefulness, a few soldiers managed to survive, but many of their fellows perished in the unforgiving frost fire. Even Arduin himself was scorched in battle but was saved by the Veda-blessed armor. Despite the fact that Arduin swung his ax blindly, he managed to kill any enemies who dared to come close.

Veera swiftly stepped in and stopped the Fallen from taking revenge. She poured frost fire into Arduin's crippling body, rendering the holy seal of Veda useless. Soon, Arduin's body was burned to ashes, and though his spirit remained, it was marked with a dark seal by Veera. Freezing frost fire replaced by Holy Force and became the sole driving force of the armor.

"Those who lament the loss of Arduin will never expect to see their legendary hero again like this!"

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